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Premium Power Boats

At Flynt, we develop, design and build premium Dutch sport boats. We combine power with flair wrapped up in an elegant design. Our boats are tailor-made and custom built according to high quality standards. Submerge yourself with luxury, refined design and a powerful, inimitable experience.


We do not compromise on user experience, in aesthetics or performance. Due to the use of exclusive tailor-made components, a seductive and sleek design and a powerful engine, a Flynt offers a supreme sensation on the water. Our power boats are designed to be stable and easy to maneuver on both flat and rough water, it is the ultimate < 10 meter boat allowing to be controlled with the utmost confidence.


All parts are custom-built and blend seamlessly into the elegant design to provide a high-quality and luxurious experience. Hand-polished stainless steel accents and soft upholstery are paired with oak details, we have created rounded surfaces that are smooth to the touch. The hull is moulded from composite polyester for lightweight durability, quality and longevity. Feel our passion in every detail.

refined luxury

‘A Flynt is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions and guarantees a safe and impeccable sailing behavior, allowing you to travel quickly from one place to another with ease.’

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No compromise


Our luxury performance boat puts you at the center of the event. Sleek, continuous lines define the exterior profile. The interior is elevated by clear lines of sight, light-filled spaces and a convenient layout. Get to know our sporty, retro-style boats with a remarkably sleek hull.



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